Summer Algebra 1b

Occasionally, there are students at Christopher Dock that would like to take Algebra 1b over the summer. By doing so, they can skip over this course and go directly in to Geometry. Students who choose to go this route must get teacher approval ahead of time. They will also be required to pass a final exam by the end of the summer before they will be allowed into Geometry. Students who complete Algebra 1b over the summer will not receive any additional credits towards their math requirement for graduation.

Summer Sylabus

Parent Guide

The CPM Parent Guide will be used as the primary tool for learning the content of chapters 7-11. The Parent Guide provides step by step examples for the topics studied in Algebra 1. Following each block of examples is a set of practice problems with answers. Use the link below to access the different chapters of the Parent Guide.

Students are expected to read and work through all topics for chapters 7-11. Students should solve all of the problems for each topic. Each student should keep track off all of their work by placing all of their problems in a spiral notebook. This notebook may be collected at the end of the summer.

Additional Problems

Along with working through the Parent Guide, students will be required to complete some additional problems from the CPM Algebra Connections textbook. These additional problems will challenge the student to apply their new knowledge to contextual situations. These extra problems are listed below. Answers to these questions are also posted for each chapter.

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

  • #70
  • #91
  • Closure problems - #152-160

Chapter 11

Final Exam

The final exam will be posted here by August 15, 2011. It must be completed and mailed in or dropped off at Christopher Dock by August 22nd. Students must earn a 77% (C-) or higher to be eligible to move into Geometry.